Winter in Yosemite

After three years of living in Australia, I have experienced all four seasons and among those four, winter is the one I hate. And If I will be going to the sunny California, I would love to go in the summer or spring. That is of course, if I had my choice.

November of last year, however, was a different case. It’s the birthday of my dearest Lola at that wintertime in Cali and we definitely just had to go celebrate with her. Summer or not, I was very excited!

It wasn’t actually freezing when we arrived since it was only that week of transition from autumn to winter. Still cold but not much that I can’t handle. I loved those weeks of vacation and we visited a few places in North California.

I told everybody in my family that I won’t leave US at that time without going to this one particular place I’ve been longing to visit: the Yosemite Valley. And so, we organized the trip to the valley at least three days before my fiance (now-husband) and I had to leave.


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Sydney’s Surprises

Although everyone’s been saying that Sydney is a really vibrant and interesting city to live in, I haven’t really gotten into a point where I actually itch to move there. Perhaps because I really like Melbourne and I feel quite satisfied and happy living in the laid back and charming town of Bendigo.

However, last January, I went to Sydney with my aunt who wanted to celebrate her birthday week in the very popular Australian city. And my goodness, my heart is now fluttering every time I think of Sydney’s coastal side – where I absolutely fell in love with.

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Siargao Island

We were exhausted from yesterday’s day trip but not too much for me not to feel the 4 AM aftershock from Tandag. It wasn’t that disturbing, and although the thought of experiencing aftershocks while we could be well on our way on this trip might be scary, I was somehow feeling good about our safety while we’re there.

That morning, we woke up at 6 AM, rode the van to Hayanggabon Port, boarded the public boat to Siargao and came there at noon time.

It took me a while before the reality sank in. We’re in Siargao!

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